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About DRGinvest



DRGinvest is an experienced full-service real estate business, with deep experience with complicated investment transactions.

We are positioned to execute

  • We have an excellent sourcing pipeline executing almost entirely on off-market transactions
  • We have a full-service property management business built to manage these assets

We are experienced and hungry

  • As a business, we have an investing and real estate background of over 10 years
  • We have regularly shown innovation in traditional real-estate opportunities and have continued to grow our value-add
  • We independently developed this concept, and are eager to deploy it


Download the US Real Estate Bonds Investment Presentation


Our underwriting process identifies investments that we are confident will secure solid returns, even in downside economic scenarios. Furthermore, there’s meaningful optionality and opportunity for significant outperformance in upside scenarios.

We seek to acquire high-quality properties at discounts to the value that is implied by their cash flow potential. Through DRG’s value-add approach, which falls across the spectrum of assets requiring a great deal of renovation and repositioning, to those that are simply undermanaged, we look to transition assets to their highest and best use –that which maximizes the cash flow generation capability of the property.

Our requirement that underlying cash flow generation serves as the basis for our investment returns is both a conservative measure (as we tend to have more direct control over the outcome) and exposes us to significant upside potential as future acquirers may value these cash flow streams more aggressively than ourselves.


Founded in 2008, DRG is wholly owned and operated by Zack Kobilca and Jacob Chase (the “DRG Principals”). DRG is a Denver-based full-service real estate business, comprised of three main operating businesses:

Investing: The DRG Principals serve as anchor investors, investment advisors, and property managers to nine investment partnerships which collectively own over 30 apartment buildings. These investing partnerships have a solid track record of attractive purchase prices, and have achieved excellent operational results.

Property Management: DRG operates a full-service property management business, serving both affiliated and third-party owners of properties ranging from single family homes through large apartment complexes.

Real Estate Brokerage: DRG also operates as an independent brokerage business, comprising of over 35 real estate agents and has transacted over $100 million of property value in each of the last five years and has over $1 billion since inception.


The Request
We are seeking investors with the interest and flexibility to invest in 3.5% Bonds, with a target of $100m or greater in annual issuance.

Want More Information?

Download the US Real Estate Bonds Investment presentation for all information on the bonds and repayment structure, a concept case study, and the full background on DRGinvest.


Jacob D. Chase

Managing Partner

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