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Washington Park

On the southern side of Denver, Washington Park boundaries are S. Downing Street and E. Louisiana Avenue.

This classic Denver park covers 155 acres. It includes two lakes, a flower garden, biking trails, and tennis courts.  On any given sunny day, you’ll see people jogging, playing ultimate frisbee, riding their bikes, paddle boating, having picnics, walking their dogs, and practicing yoga. If there’s any microcosm for the Denver lifestyle, it’s Wash Park on a Saturday.

“Wash Park” refers not only to the park, but also to the surrounding residential communities.  This area, close to the University of Denver (DU), boasts amazing craft breweries, sidewalk cafes, and cozy boutiques. Neighboring Wash Park are several highly sought-after neighborhoods, including Platt Park, Cory Merrill, and Belcaro.  Many of Denver’s most popular shopping and dining destinations are located in this section of town.

Rich in character, the residential section of Wash Park boasts some of the oldest residences in Denver.  Nestled among the neighborhood’s tree-lined streets, you will find an array of homes dating back to the late nineteenth century.  Wash Park has continued to grow in popularity as many of the historic homes are being renovated and redeveloped into new and luxury homes, condos and apartments.

washington park Real estate stats

  • Single family homes priced from $500k-$2m+
  • Median sales price: $820,000
  • Median sales price has increased by 9% over the past 12 months
  • Average price per square foot: approximately $408

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