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Zack Kobilca

Founder / Managing Partner





Zack Kobilca is a co-founder, co-owner, and current Managing Broker of DRG. From its founding in 2008, DRG has grown into a thriving property management business, brokerage house, and real estate investment manager. Under Mr. Kobilca’s leadership, DRG has grown rapidly and employs approximately fifty full-time property managers, leasing agents, real estate agents, construction and maintenance personnel, and operational staff. DRG serves as the property management platform for numerous property investment vehicles and individual investors, provides a robust sourcing pipeline for investment purposes, and has consistently delivered excellent service at competitive rates.

Prior to co-founding DRG, Mr. Kobilca was a part of a top sales team at Keller Williams Realty in a Denver office consisting of over 400 agents. Mr. Kobilca individually has brokered over $500 million in real estate transactions. Prior to his time at Keller Williams Realty, Mr. Kobilca worked for a senior housing acquisition and development company. Mr. Kobilca graduated from the Burns School of Real Estate at the University of Denver in 2006, majoring in Real Estate/Finance with a minor in Marketing.